Travel Like A Pro

When in Rome...

Don't try to do everything - pick your top 3 favorites  on your list and really enjoy them​.

Always have plenty of cash when traveling overseas.  Many countries​​ don't take credit cards everywhere.

Try to venture out of the usually tourist traps.  Engage with the locals and find out what they like best about their home.

Stash your cash into 2 (or more) separate compartments.  Make copies of your credit cards and passports.  Keep all your important stuff in a day pack. You never know...

Splurge for the nonstop flights when possible. 

Pack a large cotton scarf: it can serve as a wrap, beach towel, head cover or pillow in a jam.

Sunscreen, good walking shoes, basic medication, ear plugs and eye mask!

Pack half of what you think you will need.

Try the free walking tours in major cities with companies like Sandeman's.

Expect some things to go wrong, and learn how to have a sense of humor about it.

Don't be the travel companion who complains about everything!

Use a travel APP like Tripit to keep all your travel details in one place.

Don't just rely on TripAdvisor or Expedia to plan your vacation. (although that is a good place to start).  Read travel publications and blogs, and listen to podcasts. Buy guidebooks.

Use public transportation in most places.  Its fast and affordable.  

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